Video: 5 Tips for Faster Face Painting from Andrea Colletti

Face painting has become a very fulfilling and lucrative profession for a lot of artists. Many artists have chosen to paint faces as their primary source of income.

One aspect that all face painters need to learn is how to paint faces for a long queue of anxious customers. So, it is important that a face paint artist is able to work fast while still maintaining quality.

Today, Andrea Colletti will share with us her tips for faster face painting.

You just have to know what you're painting rist. Get the idea in your head, get some practice, and get the gist of things. You don't want to spend any time getting shadows down, or highlights. You want to just put them down with one stroke.

The one strokes help a lot, as well as stencils. You don't want to spend a lot of time on detail, because you want to get stuff down and get it out.

When you put down shadow, you don't want to spend a lot of time getting that shadow perfect. Just like with the highlights - you just want to put a little bit of highlights down.

There are roses that used to take us forever to do, now with the split cakes, you can just do them very quickly. You have to practice at it, but there are a lot of different colors that you can choose from. The split cakes also help with rainbows. Back in the day, rainbows were one color at a time.

Sometimes people have a hard time with blending, but once you get that donw, you can blend objects quickly and it gives a great effect.

For instance, fairies. Fairies can be a little hard to do, so what you do is use a fairy stencil.

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