Video: Art of Face Painting - How to Do Blending Tutorial

Blending face paints is a technique that aspiring face painters should learn when it comes to face painting. This skill comes in handy whenever a design requires gradient-like color to make the design higher in quality. With tons of face paint colors available in the market, this skill will surely take you a long way. 

Today, Shelley is going to show us, exactly, how to blend face paints.

 How to Blend With Sponges - Face Paint Tutorial

The secret to blending is of course having the right sponge, as well as having a clean and dry sponge, so you can easily blend your colors. Blending light into dark is a good way to go, and also having colors that are closer to the same side of the color wheel tend to blend the best.

Usually you want to start with the lighest color first, so I'm going to start with yellow. Wet your sponge and put down the base (your lightest color) first. Then, add in the next darker color (light blue). To that, add the third darkest color (dark blue), and finish off with a dark purple (the darkest color in the wheel).

Wet your sponge, apply the paint, and take the dry part of the sponge or the lightest part of your sponge to blend the colors together. 

There you have it! Let us know if you have other basic face painting tutorials that you want us to do.

Products Used In The Video

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