Flowers Monthly Challenge

We recently did a Flowers face paint design contest in our Instagram page and, we must say, we got a lot of FLOWERS! These flowers are not just normal flowers but flowers painted on one's face or body! They are all so gorgeous. 

But among the bunch, there's one flowers design that caught our judges' eyes... 

Let's meet the winning Flowers design in our Flowers Instagram contest! A design made by Pam Kinneberg.

The Artist behind the Design

Pam Kinneberg 's love for art runs in the family which pushed her to pursue a career in art. She studied graphic design and started a graphic design business in 1996. One day, she saw face painting during a google search for paints and she knew that day that she wants to put up a face painting business. 

She studied using various learning materials such as tutorial videos and practiced. She then joined Abby Solideo's Inspiration to Paint which greatly helped her improve her face painting skills. 

Now, she has her own face painting business called "Pikadilly Face Painting".

Flowers for Mom

According to Pam, she created her winning flowers design as a tribute to her mom. Her mom loves nature and flowers. 

"She loved lily of the valley and carried it on her wedding day. The purple flower is a crocus, which grew wild and would pop up every spring. I would pick them and bring them too her as a little girl. The pink flowers represent the wild roses that grew along the road sides where I lived. And finally, birds were one of the things my mom loved the most, so I had to include one in my painting."

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE

We asked her what piece of advice she would give to new face painters, she said "Practice!" Truly, this is the best, and probably the only way to improve in the face painting art. Just practice and you'll be an expert on your craft soon enough.