A Traveling Sea Turtle Face Art Design


 This design is great because it’s always a hit, and both boys and girls enjoy it. This is a easy way to paint a tutrle. Follow the steps below to learn how.


Medium #4 Round Brush
Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush
3/8″ Flat Brush

paper towels or cloth
water container
(optional) Fine Mist Spray bottle with water
optional) Baby wipes

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
White Face Paint
Light Green
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Cooper
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Gold
Diamond FX Split Cake – Large Captain Obvious


1. Starting with a 3/8inch flat brush, load the brush with two colors of blue from the split cake. Sweep the brush over and around the eyes, and have it swirl a half circle on the cheek.



2. Using the copper and gold shimmer paints, paint a oval for the seatutle shell. Add gold to the middle, and use the copper to create the outer edge. Blend well.



3. Using the medium round brush, and the light green, add a head, and front and back fins. Add white dots to the head, and add white dots and lines to the water.



4. Using the small round brush, and the black. Outline the design create a hexagon shape in the middle of the oval. Paint straight lines come out from the corner of each angle. Add dots for the eyes, and outline the water. It’s that simple!. Add glitter to the turtle to really make it special.
Easily add glitter by using a spray bottle with water, and spritzing the design lightly at least 12 inches away.  Use a poof-able cosmetic grade  glitter to add evenly all around. Use different colors to really create an effect.