Woochie Water Activated Halloween Makeup Kit - Galactic

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Woochie Galactic Makeup Palette is an easy-to-use face painting makeup kit perfect for face and body art including special fx designs for Halloween, costuming or cosplay. Galactic palette contains bold & vibrant, water activated makeup, which is easy to apply and dries fast to give a smudge-resistant, crack-resistant, superior coverage.Great for creating classic galactic designs.

Galactic Makeup Kit contains colors - Pink, Blue, Purple, White & Silver (0.07 oz / 1.98 gm of each color), two brushes and a latex-free sponge. Comes with fully colored, detailed instructions on the package.

Woochie Water Activated Makeup is great for layering or blending as well as for painting over latex for special FX purposes. Opacity of coverage can be controlled by adjusting the amount of water used for activation. Finally, Woochie Makeup cleans up easily with water,unlike cream makeup which requires special makeup removers.
How Many Faces Will This Paint?
Galactic Palette is good for about 50+ full faces.

Slightly dampen a brush or sponge and activate the makeup to desired consistency and apply to skin. In case of layering, allow paint to dry completely before applying another color.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.