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Woochie EZ FX Small Space Ear Kits are very easy to apply to create hobbit ears, elf ears or alien ears. Woochie Space Ears are latex prosthetic ears and measure 2" in length. The kit comes with two ears and .08 ounce of spirit gum and 1 ounce of spirit gum remover. Easy to apply and perfect for creating a realistic elf look for Halloween and with proper care can be used again and again. For children 8 years and older.
How Do I Apply & Remove the Prosthetic?
Step 1: First hold the space ear tips on the ears to see the best and most realistic place for them.
Step 2: Brush on spirit gum on the places where tips will touch the skin. You can also apply spirit gum directly on the skin. The spirit gum will have the best stickiness if you use your finger to move the gum up and down a few times.
Step 3: Place the space ear tips on the ears and press into place. If necessary, the edges can be trimmed to create a better fit.

To Remove: Take a small brush or cotton swab and put a small amount of remover under the edges of the space ear tips. After space ear tips are off the ears, remove any leftover adhesive by rubbing more remover into the area. Rinse off the skin with warm water and a washcloth.

To Use Again: Gently clean and dry the prosthetic and store away from direct sunlight.
Woochie Latex Appliances are made with FDA approved ingredients that are safe for cosmetic use on skin. Not recommended if skin is allergic to latex. Latex Appliances are not recommended for use very close to the eyes. Also not recommended for children under 8 years.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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