Three Minute Cheek Art - Mandella

Three Minute Cheek Art - Mandella

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3 Minute Cheek Art book by Roberta Mandella is an exciting book of face painting designs that only take 3 minutes with practice.

3-Minute Cheek Art includes over 150 photo ideas and many step-by-step face painting instructions with a variety of face painting cheek art designs: teddy bear, stegosaurus, snakes, lizards, dinosaurs, flames, train, race car, rocket, flowers, unicorn, butterfly, bugs, panda, cat, bulldog, turtle, hearts and many more face painting three minute cheek designs. Three Minute Cheek Art Mandella book is pamphlet size 56 pages paperback face paint book. If you want our 3 Minute Cheek Art Book review, it's a terrific book for the beginning face painter.

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