TAP Stencils Build Your Own Set (Pick 3+ Styles)

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TAP Face Painting Stencils can be used to add sdesign accents to your face and body designs. Stencil can be rotated to create full flower designs. TAP Stencils are very easy to use and can be used with face paints, airbrush, powder, temporary tattoo inks or glitter. Made of flexible mylar, TAP Stencils are great to add fun designs on face or arms of adults and children alike.

Each TAP Stencil comes with a distinct design, there by making it easy for face painters to apply, without making a decision about which part of the stencil to use. Their comfortable round shape allows for flexibility of applying to any part of your face. TAP Stencils have 2 tabs on the sides, allowing firm positioning during application. Each stencil is approximately 2 3/16 inches in diameter, with a wider border that reduces chance of sponging over the edge.

Galaxy TAP face painting stencil is 7.5" in diameter with the individual design measuring about 2" in diameter and comes with many related designs based on a theme, that can be combined or used separately.