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Sparkling Faces


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Sparkling Faces Practice Blocks designed by Svetlana Keller, have 50 top-bound detachable paper sheets and a boomerang shield. These sheets cannot be washed and reused, hence the boomerang shield comes to use to shield or block out the parts where you do not want to paint on.

Childrens Edition has a variety of colored, child face templates for both boys and girls. Practice Block also has blank pages to add notes. Designed for use by right handed artists and is perfect for practicing full face designs, eye designs, cheek art designs as well as to try out designs with stencils. Sheets are in A4 size - 8.27" x 11.69". 

Practice Blocks are great for use in face painting events and classes where you need to move quickly between a variety of designs. Students can use it in face painting classes to practice along with instructors and to take notes. Great for beginners as well as experts to try out designs at any convenient time, at low cost, without requiring a live model. Practice Blocks are easily portable and can be used to paint designs, take photos for an online menu or scan and print out for showing customers.Painted Sheets can be detached easily and laminated and bound for a great face painting menu or album.

Slightly dampen a brush or sponge. Swipe across face paint cake to activate to a paintable, creamy consistency. To prevent running of colors and for quick drying, use very minimal water to activate the face paints. Use the boomerang shield to block out unwanted areas and start painting on the sheet.

We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


Customer Reviews

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Melissa Morgan-Oakes
These blocks are gold

I can practice, I can display my work for customers. Very very happy with this investment!


Great sheets, take along as guide on the job. And for warming up before first people.

Excellent Product

Get your own practice boards. Excellent to showcase your work.

Breanna Nielson

These are great quality, and I like that they are the same size as the individual boards.