Snazaroo Build Your Own Face Paint Palettes (12 Colors)

Snazaroo Build Your Own Face Paint Palettes (12 Colors)


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The Build Your Own Snazaroo Palette option lets you choose 12 Snazaroo 18 ml colors that we'll ship you with an empty case (you pick the case color!), just arrange them however you like and you're ready to paint.

Snazaroo Face Paint applies smoothly, can be easily blended and will dry in about 30 seconds to a streak-free, durable finish. Snazaroo Face Paints are hypoallergenic and the world's safest face paints, meeting US FDA, Canadian, and European standards for cosmetic safety and the only face paint with a Child Toy Safety Rating. Snazaroo paint is non-toxic and easy to use face paint that is water-based, fragrance-free and wash off easily. Snazaroo Face Paint gives brightly colored, totally opaque coverage.

Select 12 of the 18 ml Snazaroo face paints and click "Add to Cart."

How Many Faces Will This Paint?
Each 12 color Snazaroo Face Paint Palette will easily paint 1000 full faces or over 2500 two inch square cheek art designs.

How Do I Apply & Remove Face Paint?
Snazaroo Face Paints are water activated, they are meant to be mixed with water. When using a sponge or brush, add a small amount of water to the sponge or brush and mix it onto the Snazaroo face paint cake. Practice to learn how much water Snazaroo Paints need - too little and you'll see skin through the paint, too much and it may look streaky or bubbly. When using a sponge, apply Snazaroo like shoe polish until you have color coverage and then pat the sponge on the face for a nice even coat.

You will find variations in consistency between Snazaroo colors due to the different pigments used, so some colors (like green and orange) will need more water than white or black. That is normal.

For sensitive skin, Snazaroo suggests a twenty minute patch test before painting on the full face or body. For a patch test, properly apply Snazaroo paints to a one by two inch patch on the inside of the elbow. After twenty minutes, remove the paint with water only and wipe dry. Look for anything that might be of concern. Snazaroo is hypoallergenic and when used properly it is highly unlikely there will be any concern.

Snazaroo products wash off with mild soap and water. For best results, remove with a high quality baby shampoo, water and a wash cloth. Avoid using low cost baby wipes as these can be irritating to young children's skin.

To remove Snazaroo makeup from clothing, wash by hand in cold water using soap or pre-washing agent. Do not try to remove the makeup from clothing in a washing machine. Avoid warm or hot water when trying to remove the paint from clothing. Avoid using near sensitive fabrics like silk that absorb pigments.

Shelf Life: Once opened - 18 months. Stored dry and unopened - No expiry date.

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