Silly Farm Arty Brush Cakes - True Rainbow (20 gm)

Silly Farm Arty Brush Cakes - True Rainbow (20 gm)

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Arty Brush Cakes are Silly Farm Originals created in collaboration with Rebecca from Arty Cakes. These rainbow cakes are one stroke cakes, which can be used to create colorful designs quickly using the one stroke technique. Silly Farm Arty Brush Cakes are made in the USA. Great for creating quick and easy designs in birthday parties, fairs, carnivals and other group events. Comes in 20 gram size.

True Rainbow Arty Brush Cake contains the following face paints: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

How Many Faces Will This Paint?
Each 20 gm Arty Brush Cake is good for about 60-150 applications.

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