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Scarecrow Subtle Small Deluxe Vampire Fangs are ideal for quick and easy creation of professional level realistic vampire effects. They are designed to comfortably fit smaller sized teeth for a subtler look. Scarecrow Subtle Small Vampire Fangs provide natural, shiny finish and look great with a realistic shape. They work great on bottom teeth, canines, or incisors. Scarecrow Custom Fangs are ideal for costuming, entertainment and Halloween.

Scarecrow Subtle Small Vampire Fangs come with everything needed for easy customization without any need for additional tools, utensils or boiling water. The package includes a pair of subtle small custom fangs, 4 bonding powder capsules, customizing fluid, a mixing vessel, 2 stirring sticks and detailed instructions. After molding and customization, Scarecrow fangs can be easily reused multiple times by just sliding in and out without any need for messy adhesives, glues or putty.
Watch this video to learn about how to fit your vampire fangs:

FAQs about Scarecrow Vampire Fangs:

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Safety and storage information:
Scarecrow Fangs are non toxic and absolutely safe to use on teeth.
- NOT recommended for use on children below 14 years of age.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- NOT to be used over caps, crowns, dentures or braces.
- Do not use on irritated or sensitive gums or if gums are still sore after a dental cleaning.
- Do not eat or sleep with fangs on.
- Do not drink red drinks like fruit punch or red wine to avoid your fangs from getting dyed to pink.
- Remember not to smoke while customizing and not to customize near open flame.
- Store package out of direct sunlight. Works best at room temperature.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Taking off one star because the instructions could be much more straightforward. They also didn’t specify to mix the glue in the little round container, so I mixed it in the coffin, which leeched black dye into the glue mixture that I was then putting into my mouth, somewhat nullifying the point of buying non-toxic fangs

Kelly Perron

Used these fangs for Halloween this year and I am SO pleased! I tried different fangs last year with denture cream and they would not stay on, but these clip on and off and once they're on, I could talk and drink so easily with no issues! They look great as well, I had to do a little glue removal afterwards to clean up the front but now I have fangs to use whenever!

Tara Zampitella

Great fangs to use for costumes. Easy to use, and will last a long time.

Audra Fiumefreddo

Was a vampire for Halloween and the fangs lasted all night...we're easy to put it in and easy to take out :)