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Ruby Red UV Glitter Tattoo Kit is a great starter set for fun, temporary body art tattoos. The themed kit is easy to use, with a quick dry, waterproof formula for designs that last up to one week. Each Ruby Red Glitter Tattoo Kit comes with 12 Tattoo Stencils (2x2 inch), 3 Colored Glitter jars (.13 oz), 1 Glitter Glue bottle (.063 oz), 1 Applicator brush and 1 Dusting brush. Ruby Red UV themed Glitter Tattoos are entertaining for both children & adults. Perfect for birthday parties, community events and fundraisers or for giving as a gift. Ruby Red UV Reactive colors glow brightly under black light. Ruby Red UV face paints use pigments that are FDA compliant for cosmetic use, unlike many other brands that only label them as Special FX.

UV Glitter Tattoo Set Includes:
  • Glitter Colors - Neon Pink, Black and Neon Orange
  • Tattoo Stencils - Lips (G8), Dragon (G17), Tribal (G40), Tribal Star 1 (G41), Tribal Biohazard (G50), Splatter (G87), Sun (G217), Sun 2 (G221), Lightning Bolt (G288), Triple Star (G322), Triple Heart (G324), Triple Butterfly (G325)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Glitter glue should not be allowed to freeze. Neither nor Ruby Red assumes any responsibility for any damage or ineffectiveness incurred if customer exposes the product to freezing.
    How Many Glitter Tattoos Will This Do?
    Each Ruby Red Glitter Tattoo Kit is good for 12 Glitter Tattoos.

    Shelf Life: Once opened - 18 months. Stored dry and unopened - 15 years.
    Sparklettoos are hypoallergenic, specially formulated to be safe and delicate enough for even the most sensitive skin. Contents of the Sparklettoo Glitter Tattoo Kit are vegan, containing no animal byproducts, latex, lanolin, parabens, nuts, gluten or fragrance. Ruby Red Glitter is FDA compliant, encapsulated in polyethylene terephthalate film and made in the USA.
    We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Applicators may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.
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