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Introducing the Rosemary & Co Artists Series 316 Pointed Cat's Tongue Brush – a masterpiece of design and functionality, ideal for artists who demand precision and versatility in their brush strokes. Crafted from high-quality Golden Synthetic fibers, this brush combines excellent retention, snap, and spring, ensuring each stroke is smooth and consistent. As a 100% Vegan Friendly product, it meets the highest standards of ethical craftsmanship. Rosemary & Co, with over four decades of brush-making expertise, brings you a premium product that stands the test of time.  

The Series 316 stands out with its unique 'Pointed Cat's Tongue' shape, which features a robust body and an extended tip for enhanced flow and pinpoint accuracy. This design excels in creating delicate petal shapes with just the right amount of pressure, making it a superb choice for botanical illustrations. Additionally, its sharp point offers the versatility of a filbert brush, ideal for fine lines and intricate details. Whether working with watercolors, oils, acrylics, or gouache, the Series 316 excels in delivering vibrant, precise strokes. Particularly favored by botanical painters and portrait artists, this brush is adept at drawing fine lines and adding detailed textures to hair and portraits.

Brush Features
  • Superior Design: Series 316 features a uniquely pointed 'Cat's Tongue' tip made from high-quality Golden Synthetic fibers. This design not only offers excellent retention, snap, and spring but also maintains a sharp point ideal for detailed and precise applications.
  • Efficient Application: The carefully designed narrow ferrule minimizes paint overload, allowing for smooth, controlled strokes every time. This makes the brush perfect for artists who demand precision in their work, whether for botanical details or intricate portrait work.
  • Durable Construction, Vegan: Crafted with Vegan Friendly synthetic fibers, the Series 316 combines durability with ethical considerations. The sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, maintaining its form and function through extensive use.

Brush Specification

  • Brush Length (including handle): 192mm
  • Ferrule Width: 6mm
  • Bristle Length (from ferrule to toe): 17mm
Wet your brush and wipe at the edge of the container.

Rub on face paint cake to reach a creamy consistency.

Apply paint to body.

After use, be sure to clean and dry brushes completely. Store upright so that bristles do not bend or flatten. For optimal performance, reshape the brush after washing by running it through a good brush or bar soap. This simple step is essential for maintaining the shape of brushes with longer bristles or fine tips.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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