Rosemary & Co Artists Evergreen Dagger Brush (1/2")


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Introducing Rosemary & Co Artists Evergreen Dagger Brush a revolutionary addition to any artist's toolkit. Part of the esteemed Evergreen range, this brush is crafted with 100% synthetic fibers, ensuring it is both vegan-friendly and environmentally conscious. Evergreen Dagger Brush is designed for versatility and precision in brush calligraphy and mark making. Its flexible bristles allow for a wide array of strokes, from fine lines to broad, sweeping gestures, catering to your creative demands. Whether you're looking to achieve transparent washes or engage in dynamic dry brushing techniques, this brush holds and distributes paint superbly, adapting seamlessly to your artistic style. Perfect for artists who value sustainability without compromising on quality, the Evergreen Dagger Brush is your go-to for bringing vivid creativity to life. Rosemary & Co, with over four decades of brush-making expertise, brings you a premium product that stands the test of time.

Brush Features
  • Superior Design: Evergreen Dagger Brush features expertly tapered synthetic bristles that come to a sharp point, ideal for detailed and precise work in both face and body painting, as well as fine arts. This design ensures excellent control over the brush strokes, allowing for meticulous application.
  • Efficient Application: Equipped with a slim ferrule, the brush minimizes paint overload, ensuring that each stroke delivers just the right amount of paint. This allows for controlled, precise applications, enhancing the clarity and impact of your artistic expressions.
  • Durable Construction, Vegan: Crafted from high-quality synthetic materials, Evergreen Dagger Brush is vegan friendly and built to last. Its robust construction ensures that the brush maintains its shape and performance over time, even with frequent use.

Brush Specification

  • Brush Length (including handle): 213mm
  • Ferrule Width: 12mm
  • Bristle Length (from ferrule to toe): 30.6mm
Wet your brush and wipe at the edge of the container.

Rub on face paint cake to reach a creamy consistency.

Apply paint to body.

After use, be sure to clean and dry brushes completely. Store upright so that bristles do not bend or flatten. For optimal performance, reshape the brush after washing by running it through a good brush or bar soap. This simple step is essential for maintaining the shape of brushes with longer bristles or fine tips.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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