Qualatex Twist-N-Flate Balloon Pump


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Qualatex Twist-N-Flate Balloon Pump is a easily portable, battery operated pump that can be used for inflating almost all modeling balloons, such as 160Qs, 260Qs, 350Qs, 5" Rounds, and 6" Hearts from Qualatex. The pump comes with a shoulder strap, that can be shoulder mounted for left or right hand use. Designed to work on 110V.

Qualatex Balloon Pump gives high pressure operation that inflates balloons in seconds, perfect for performers, twisters, clowns and professionals at face painting events and other occasions.

  • High-powered battery that can run for about 3 hours, enough to inflate up to 500 balloons.
  • "Quick Change" battery compartment allows for easy battery replacement in the field.
  • Battery can be charged during use for extended performance.
  • Universal nozzle tip is designed to fit most all types and sizes of modeling balloons.
  • Premium construction with quality materials offers high performance and reliability.