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Proaiir Solids Water Resistant Neon Palette has the following colors: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Violet and green, 7 gm of each color. Neon colors require extra water as the formula is on the drier side.

ProAiir Solids Waterproof Makeup by ShowOffs Body Art is a hybrid, solid cake with a highly pigmented and extremely durable formula, perfect for FX applications. ProAiir Solids are made using a fast drying formula that gives a pleasant smelling, waterproof and smudge proof finish. ProAiir Solids Makeup Designs will last for days and can be removed otherwise using oil based makeup removers, alcohol or liquid soap with some scrubbing.

ProAiir Solids Makeup can withstand extreme conditions for FX applications and outdoor applications like rain, water parks, hot sweaty days, rubbing etc, under which normal cake makeup does not hold up well.

How Do I Apply ProAiir Solids Makeup?
For optimal results, solids should be activated with ProAiir ProLong only. Activate with few drops of Prolong, pickup and apply using a brush or sponge. For blending and loading brushes or for reactivating dried up makeup, apply mists of prolong. Do not activate with alcohol as results could be unpredictable.

Use in a well ventilated area. Keep way from children. Keep closed when not in use. Use prolong to seal cakes in case cracks develop. ProAiir Solid makeup will dry fast, however colors can be blended by using prolong to thin and blend.

NOTE: DO NOT use water to clean brushes. Either allow to dry naturally or rub liquid soap through bristles and wipe clean with paper towel. You can reactivate the brush with alcohol when ready to use again. Or rub liquid soap on bristles and wipe clean with a paper towel.

How Do I Remove ProAiir Solids Makeup?
DO NOT use water first when removing Solids makeup. Rub liquid soap, baby oil or makeup remover into skin to remove makeup and then wipe clean or follow up with water. For removal of body painting, first apply liquid soap or body gel to lather and then step into shower and rinse off makeup, optionally scrubbing gently using a scrunchy, wash cloth or loofa as needed.
ProAiir Solids Makeup, made in the USA, is vegan and not tested on animals. Solids Makeup is gluten free, phthalate free and skin safe. Do not use in case of cuts or wounds on skin or on sensitive skin or sunburned skin.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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Customer Reviews

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Katie Britt
Great choice for UV waterproof - but hard to work with

Prepare to work these paints a lot more to get the consistency you'll want to paint with. The Prolong they provide you with the purchase will not be enough for multiple gigs. I've gone through half the little bottle just doing 2 little paints on myself. It stands up to water with staying power! The photo I included was a quick little doodle on my leg. I used ProAiir Dips White for those details.

Chayo Mosqueda
Learning how to use this product

I am still learning how to use this product. Definitely a learning curve to it. The ones I received were cracked and I don't know if that is normal or not. The colors are very bright.