ProAiir Hybrid 6-Color Kit - Zombie 2 (1 oz/30 ml)



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ProAiir Hybrid 6-Color Kit - Zombie 2 by ShowOffs Body Art is an ideal collection of colors for Halloween or Theater. ProAiir Zombie kit is perfect for zombie look or Halloween F/X makeup. The Zombie collection consists six 1 oz bottles of varied range of colors.

ProAiir Hybrid Colors: Scab, Puss, Blood Red, Vein, Pale Dead, Dirt

ProAiir Hybrid Waterproof Makeup is a professional grade, hybrid airbrush makeup with a highly pigmented and extremely durable, alcohol based formula perfect for face and body art. ProAiir Hybrid uses a trademarked formula that is completely water free, made using water repelling ingredients. Water free formula guarantees little or no settling down of pigments, which gives longer shelf life and more ease of use without requiring frequent shaking or stirring. ProAiir Hybrid Makeup can be easily applied using airbrush, sponge or brush to achieve a smooth and durable coverage.

ProAiir Hybrid dries instantly and hence works great for layering using stencils. ProAiir Hybrid can also be airbrushed directly on masks and other prosthetics. ProAiir Hybrid formula is smudge proof and water resistant, that can withstand extreme conditions like rain, waterparks, hot sweaty days, rubbing etc, under which normal cake makeup does not hold up well. With right application, ProAiir Hybrid coverage can stay on for 2-3 days, and then fades off like other beauty makeup products.
How Do I Apply ProAiir Hybrid Makeup?
Hybrid makeup can be easily applied using airbrush. Set air pressure to a comfortable level in the range of 10-15 PSI. Shake the bottle well and secure to airbrush with adaptor caps. Use in a well ventilated area, away from flames. Make sure that the skin is clean, free of oil, foundation makeup or dirt. Customer should close eyes and hold breath when airbrush makeup is being sprayed. Hold 2 to 4 inches away from skin and spray in light coats and layer as needed for more thick coverage. Overspray can be wiped off with an alcohol dipped Q-Tip.

Watch this video for tips on applying ProAiir Hybrid makeup:
How Do I Remove ProAiir Hybrid Makeup?
DO NOT use water first when removing Hybrid makeup. Rub liquid soap to lather or rub using baby oil or makeup remover to remove makeup and then wipe clean or follow up with water. For removal of body painting, first apply liquid soap or body gel to lather and then step into shower and rinse off makeup, optionally scrubbing gently using a scrunchy, wash cloth or loofa as needed.

How Many Faces Will This Paint?
Each 6 Color ProAiir Hybrid Kit can give about 150-200 face painting applications.

Shelf Life: Open 3-5 years; unopened 10 years.
ProAiir Hybrid Makeup is made in the USA, using FDA and EU compliant cosmetic grade alcohol and pigments. ProAiir Hybrid is vegan and not tested on animals. ProAiir Hybrid Makeup is hypoallergenic and certified skin safe. Hybrid makeup is perfectly safe to use on children, when applied correctly. ProAiir hybrid has a pleasing scent, and is not recommended for use if customer is allergic to fragrance. ProAiir makeup is free of dibutyle phthalytes, phythalytes, formaldehyde, lead or any other toxic ingredient.
Not recommended on skin with wounds, sunburns or sores.

Neon Only:
Hybrid Neon colors shine intensely under blacklight without requiring a white base. Neon/Fluorescent colors tend to separate a bit and should be shaken well before use.

Metallic only:
Metallic hybrid colors tend to stay for slightly shorter duration than normal colors.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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Highly pigmented and they don't budge.

Jack Sandberg

Great coverage at a good price. It stays on excellent even when actors sweat. Excellent product.