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ProAiir White DIPS Waterproof Makeup by ShowOffs Body Art is a hybrid, brush-on makeup with a highly pigmented and extremely durable, alcohol based formula. DIPS Makeup can be used for line work over powders, cake makeup, airbrush makeup or directly on skin.

ProAiir DIPS Makeup formula is smudge proof and water resistant, that can withstand extreme conditions like rain, waterparks, hot sweaty days, rubbing etc, under which normal cake makeup does not hold up well. DIPS makeup can be used to add intrinsic design accents to your face and body art. Technique of applying DIPS with perfection requires some learning, but once perfected DIPS gives high quality, durable finish. Comes in a 1 oz bottle. For reference info, one bottle is good for about 120-140 spiderman designs (with detail line work only).
How Do I Apply DIPS Makeup?
DIPS makeup can be easily applied using a brush. For blending and loading brushes or for reactivating dried up makeup, you may need a mister bottle with 91% or 99% alcohol. Shake the DIPS bottle well and release the cap to discharge any air pressure before use. Dispense DIPS makeup on a small, sealable pallet to prevent spilling and to prolong drying.

Use in a well ventilated area. DIPS Makeup can be applied directly on cleansed skin, free of oil or dirt. ProAiir makeup might need thinning with alcohol to get the desired consistency for use through an airbrush. Spray alcohol using the mister bottle between applications as needed to thin, blend or to reactivate dried makeup. Keep the lid on when not in use, to prevent drying and clogging.

When applying DIPS over cake makeup, make sure that the cake makeup application has completely dried. Not recommended under or over eye lids or on oily skin or skin with sunburns or sores.
NOTE: DO NOT use water to clean brushes. Either allow to dry naturally or rub liquid soap through bristles and wipe clean with paper towel. You can reactivate the brush with alcohol when ready to use again.

Watch this video for tips on applying DIPS makeup:

How Do I Remove ProAiir Hybrid Makeup?
DO NOT use water first when removing DIPS makeup. Rub liquid soap, baby oil or makeup remover into skin to remove makeup and then wipe clean or follow up with water. For removal of body painting, first apply liquid soap or body gel to lather and then step into shower and rinse off makeup, optionally scrubbing gently using a scrunchy, wash cloth or loofa as needed.

# of applications?
Each 1 oz bottle can give about 120-140 face painting applications.
ProAiir Makeup is made in the USA, using FDA and EU compliant cosmetic grade alcohol and pigments. ProAiir Hybrid Makeup is vegan and not tested on animals. DIPS Makeup is certified skin safe by CSPA (Consumer Safety Product Associaton) and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). DIPS makeup is perfectly safe to use on children, when applied correctly.

Metallic only:
Metallic hybrid colors tend to stay for slightly shorter duration than normal colors.

We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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Clifton Dickens
This stuff goes on over all other brands.

Easy to use. No mixing needed. Great covering power. Brush this stuff directly on skin and it stays there until you want it off.