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Paradise Brilliant Purple / Violine Face Paint is a moist, semi-soft, glycerin-based cake makeup, featuring vibrant color that dries quickly with minimal rub-off, yet are easy to blend and wash off.

Paradise Brilliant Makeup includes aloe and chamomile and the enriching emollients glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter. Safe and gentle on skin, Paradise AQ Makeup has a richer, more vibrant, color-saturated coverage than ordinary makeup yet it's water-soluble for easy soap and water removal.

Brilliant Face Paint, created with renowned Face and Body Makeup Artist, JINNY, features a creamy intense formula that is ideal for shine, sparkle and metal accents. Being water activated, this product offers a great amount of control over the hues of the color.

Comes in 0.25 ounce (7 gm) refill size or 1.4 ounce (40 gm) pro size.

Shelf Life: 30 months after opening.

How Many Faces Will This Paint?
Each 0.25 ounce (7 gm) Paradise Purple / Violine Face Paint Refill can be used for up to 40 applications.
Each 1.4 ounces (40 gm) Paradise Purple / Violine Face Paint Container can be used for hundreds of applications.

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