Ooh! Mask Stencil - Marvelous Tiara

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Ooh! Mask Stencil - Marvelous Tiara

Ooh! Mask Stencil - Marvelous Tiara

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Ooh! Mask Stencil - Marvelous Tiara can be used to easily add fun design accents to your forehead. Ooh! Mask Stencils can be used with face paint using a sponge but is exclusively designed for airbrushing.

Made in the USA, using 7 mil solvent proof mylar, Ooh! Stencils are durable and are great to add fun designs on face or arms of adults and children alike. Ooh! Stencils are designed to work with face paints or airbrush and are easy to clean after use.

Each mask stencil is approximately 6 to 3.5 inches, with two holes in the end for optional use of an elastic band (not inclusive) for hands-free application.
How Do I Apply?
Ooh! Stencils can be used to paint over a face paint base or over bare skin. Hold the stencil firmly on skin, and apply face paint either by using a sponge, brush or airbrush. Ooh! Stencils also work great with rainbow cakes to create vibrant designs. Optionally add 3D effects by slightly re-positioning the stencil and reapplying the same design. Mix and match elements in different stencils to create beautiful unique accents.

How Do I Clean And Store Ooh! Stencils?
Ooh! Stencils can be cleaned by wiping down with soap and water or alcohol. Air dry them completely before storing. Stencil tabs have holes on them, allowing them to easily stored on a key chain.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup, Stencils or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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