Mehron Blood Red 3D Gel


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Mehron Blood Red 3D Gel is ideal for making realistic 3D special effects for Halloween and stage character makeup. It is easy to use - just heat it to a liquid form, brush on, allow curing, and add any additional makeup to complete the effect. 3D Gel requires no adhesive and can be used in place of liquid latex. Mehron Blood Red 3D Gel comes in 2 ounce size.
How Do I Apply & Remove?
Heat container of Mehron 3D Gel in hot water until gel is liquefied (test temperature before applying to skin). Apply to skin using fingers or makeup brush. 3D Gel will cure to a rubbery consistency then add makeup.

Hint: May be colored with Mehron's Liquid Makeup or Fantasy FX makeup while gel is liquefied.

Remove by peeling off and washing the skin with warm soap and water.

To remove from fabric: Let the stain dry completely, then brush off; if any color remains use a product such as "Spot Shot" on furniture or carpet and use a pre-soak product on clothing.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.