Mehron All-Pro Special FX Makeup Kit


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Mehron's ALL-PRO Special FX Kit has everything a makeup artist needs for use on stage or in film, video or photography. The ALL-PRO Kit includes makeup, applicators, prosthetics, special fx such as blood and much more. Perfect for stage makeup artists.

Each Mehron ALL-PRO Special FX Kit includes: 3 Mask Covers & 5 Color Cup Colors, 4.5 oz. Liquid Latex Clear, 1 oz. Squirt Blood, Large Powder Puff, 2 oz. 3-D Clear Gel, Stage Blood, .5 oz. Coagulated Blood, 1 oz. Barrier Spray, Crepe Hair, 3 Full Size Stageline Makeup Brushes, Colorset Powder, 1 oz. Makeup Remover Lotion, 1 oz. Brush Cleaner, 1 oz. Spirit Gum Remover, Spirit Gum, Tooth FX Blood Red, Tooth FX Nicotine, Rigid Collodion, Fixative A, 1 oz. Hair White, Modeling Putty/Wax, Extra Flesh, Bruise ColorRing, Stipple Sponge, Non Latex Sponge, Cotton Swabs, 2 Prosthetic Bullet Holes, 1 Prosthetic Wound and a Special Effects Application Guide.

How Many Applications Does This Give?
Each Mehron Celebre Pro Theatrical Makeup Kit includes enough makeup for 20-30 applications.

See Brochure.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.