Kryolan Pros- Aide II Adhesive (4 oz)

Kryolan Pros- Aide II Adhesive (4 oz)


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Kryolan Pros Aide II Prosthetic Adhesive is an acrylic based adhesive for attaching gems and glitter as well as foam, latex and silicone appliances. ProsAide II is easier to remove than many other prosthetic adhesives, making it excellent for use on very sensitive skin, and because it is non-latex, Kryolan Pros-Aide II makes a good alternative to liquid latex. With a faster drying time and high water-resistance, Pros-Aide II can also be used in place of spirit gum or for short term applications. 4 ounce bottle has built in brush.

How Many Applications Will The Glitter Give?
Each 4 ounces Kryolan ProsAide Adhesive will give 20 to 200 applications, depending on use. You can apply a hundred prosthetic or do several skin effects.

How Do I Apply & Remove This Product?
Apply a thin layer of Kryolan Pros-Aide II Adhesive to the skin and the appliance (if applicable). Allow ProsAide to dry till clear and then apply the gem, glitter or appliance.

Removes with Kryolan Hydro Oil, baby oil or rubbing alcohol. Slight, non-toxic residue may remain on skin for a while.

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