Kryolan Pressed Powder Compact - UV-Dayglow Blue

Kryolan Pressed Powder Compact - UV-Dayglow Blue


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Note: Kryolan products can be shipped only to addresses in the United States and Canada.

Kryolan UV-Dayglow Blue Pressed Powder Compact features microfine pigments for smooth, even application that can be used to create body art accents and designs. UV-Dayglow makeup shows up brightly in daylight and glows under blacklight.

Use powder dry with a foam smoothie, or wet for intense pigment and glam. Available in a 2.5 gram container.

Please Note: Kryolan UV products are dermatologically tested for safety, but UV reactive pigments used in UV products do not comply with international cosmetic regulations and have not been tested by the FDA. However, Kryolan has done independent testing on their neon products, finding that the UV pigments are safe on skin for body painting. These pigments have been approved for hair and special effects. We do not recommend using near the eyes or mucus membranes.

How Many Applications Will This Give?
Each 2.5 gram Kryolan UV-Dayglow Blue Pressed Powder Compact is good for up to 50 applications.

Shelf Life: Please look for the expiration date in the open jar symbol printed on the container.

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