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Kryolan Aquacolor White Liquid is a highly pigmented liquid makeup, made especially for face and body painting. Kryolan Liquid Aquacolor is brightly colored and dries to a smudge proof and long lasting finish, but washes off easily. Kryolan Aquacolor White Liquid Makeup is highly effective for body painting large areas of the body. 1 or 4 ounce bottle. Aquacolor liquid makeup can be diluted using Aquacolor Liquid Thinner, sold separately here. Aquacolor Liquid Thinner can also be used to revitalize®dried up®Aquacolor liquid makeup.

How Many Faces Will This Paint?
Each 1 ounce bottle of Kryolan White Aquacolor Liquid Face Paint will give 20-80 face applications, depending on usage.
Each 4 ounce bottle of Kryolan White Aquacolor Liquid Face Paint will give 50-200 applications, depending on usage.

Shelf Life: Please look for the expiration date in the open jar symbol printed on the container.

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