Kraze FX Build Your Own Split Cake Or One Stroke Set (Pick 3+)

Save 10% On 3 Or More Kraze FX One Strokes Or Rainbow Cakes!

Kraze FX Split Cakes are perfect for creating colorful designs for Halloween, Parties, Schools, Carnivals or FairsMost color combinations are available as 25 gm regular square split cake25 gm domed square split cake or 25 gm domed one stroke cake.

Kraze FX Face Paint is a wax-based formula with high pigmentation, that works best for line work. Quick drying formula is equally good for blending, base work or layering. Wax based formula offers a smooth, solid coverage that will flex with skin movements to last all day without fading or cracking.

Kraze Paints can be easily activated with water and applied using a brush or sponge.  Each 25 gram Split Cake is good for 50-150 applications.