Jest Paint Bolt Small Firm Angle Brush (1/4")


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Jest Paint's Bolt Small Firm Angle Brush is perfect for painting stripes, thin to thick lines, one stroke moves with rainbow cakes or painting inside large areas. Bolt Firm Line comes with stiffer bristles than the normal line of brushes, ideal for artists who have been looking for more resistance from their brushes.

Each Small Firm Angle Brush is 6 1/4" long, with wooden handles about 3/16" in diameter. Synthetic Bristles are 1/2" long and about 1/4" wide at the base. Includes 1 brush. Image shows full size and a closeup shot of same brush.

Bolt Brushes come with short, shiny, wooden handles, coated with glossy, non toxic UV reactive paint, which makes your brushes easy to see in neon lights at parties.

Bolt line of brushes are assembled in the USA using parts from Thailand. Bolt brushes are made in an eco-friendly manner, with wood from managed national wood reforestation programs. No animals were hurt as the brushes use synthetic bristles. Manufacturer supports non profit organizations fighting for protection of endangered species as well as organizations providing free school supplies to needy children.
Firm Line Bolt Brushes feature flat top and short bristles, ideal for controlled, smooth strokes. Firm line brushes are easy to clean and reuse, as firmer bristles do not retain too much paint after use, however more water is needed while painting using them.

Wet your brush and wipe at the edge of the container.

Rub on face paint cake to reach a creamy consistency.

Apply paint to body.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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Sarah Bast

This seems like a nice brush.