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Half Ass Stencils are about 3.3" x 2", which are perfect for small faces. Available in sheets of 11 assorted designs. Half Ass Stencils come with a chain that is color coded for each set, which helps you keep your stencils neatly organized for storage.

The Whimsy Half Ass Stencil sheet comes with 11 assorted designs: HAS3006 (Daisies), HAS3001 (Splash), HAS3005 (Swirls & Dots), HAS3011 (Bubbles), HAS4037 (Shooting Stars), HAS4039 (Scatterred Stars), HAS4038 (Snowy), HAS3016 (Tiny Stars), HAS4040 (Retro Starbursts), HAS4036 (Snowflakes) and HAS4015 (Diamond Stars).

The Bad Ass line of stencils, launched by famous body paint artist - Andrea O'Donnell, are high quality, flexible, fun stencils that take body painting to the next level. These high grade mylar stencils are thin and work great for adding details to your designs. Bad Ass Stencils can be used anywhere on the body and can be cleaned easily after each application. They are manufactured using special laser cut technology on 7.5 mil durable Mylar and can be reused several times with proper care.

Bad Ass Stencils work great for brush, sponge or airbrush application.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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Customer Reviews

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Sherry Nodine

I like the smaller stencils I think they will be great for tiny faces

Real time saver

I love how much quicker I can make a 'frozen princess' design with the snowflake stencil. It adds so much value because of the time it saves. My only advise is to take very good care not to let it snag against the other stencils. I found it much more fragile and mine got bent out of shape rather quickly. I will order another and keep it in it's plastic sleeve.

MorningStar Bissell

I'm really happy with these! I tested them,they all worked very well and they are the perfect size for painting kids faces.