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Graftobian Wax Works is a very versatile product for 3D makeup and special effects such as bumps and bruises. Wax Works includes Modeling Wax (1 oz), Clear Liquid Latex (1/2 oz), Blood Gel (4 CC Packet) and detailed color instructions.

Watch this tutorial to learn more:

How To Use Modeling Wax:
Step 1: Apply Spirit Gum (not included) and make it tacky with finger.
Step 2: Press down a small amount of modeling wax and shape it as desired.
Step 3: Apply a small amount of makeup remover (not included) to smoothen out the wax.
Step 4: Optionally you can powder the waxed area to absorb excess moisture.
Step 5: Clean surrounding skin with an alcohol wipe.
Step 6: Apply several coats of flexible wax sealer (not included). Instead you can stipple down liquid latex with a foam wedge.
Step 7: Makeup or blood can now be applied over the wax to get the desired effect.

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