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Graftobian stencils have a variety of designs perfect for face painting cheek art including stars, butterflies, pings, flowers and rainbow face painting stencil designs. Graftobian face painting stencils are laser cut plastic for precise designs and made of flexible plastic so the curve to the skin and for easy clean up. Each panel of the Graftobian stencil is slightly smaller than a 3x5 card.

How Do I Clean and Maintain Face Paint Stencils?
Graftobian face paint stencils clean easily with a mild soap and water or wet washcloth. Store face paint stencils flat for best long term results. If cared for properly, Graftobian stencils can be quite durable.

How Do I Use Face Paint Stencils
Step 1: Apply a lightly moistened sponge to face paint.
Step 2: Hold the Graftobian stencil against the skin.
Step 3: Simply pat the open area of the face painting stencil with the face painting sponge.
Step 4: Gently lift the stencil off the skin.

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