Graftobian Airbrush Cleaning Solution (8 oz)

Graftobian Airbrush Cleaning Solution (8 oz)


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Please Note: This product is classified as ORMD (flammable), so it cannot be shipped by air freight.

Graftobian Airbrush Cleaning Solution is essential when using FX Aire or GlamAire airbrush makeups. When changing colors, the solution zaps out the previous color to make sure your current one will be perfectly pure. After extended periods of airbrushing, flushing the cleaning solution through the system will keep it fresh and in top-notch working order. Graftobian Airbrush Cleaning Solution is so fast at its job it'll be done before you know it! Use to clean airbrushes, tubes, and bottles after each use and you'll never have to worry about a compromised work of art. The solution comes in an 8 ounce bottle.

How do I Use the Product?
Apply Graftobian Airbrush Cleaning solution by flushing through your airbrush when you are switching colors or after a prolonged session of using the device. To clean the outside of the airbrush, put a small amount on the sullied area and wipe off with a cloth.

To remove, use warm water and soap.

Shelf Life: Once opened - 12 months. Stored dry and unopened - 6 years.

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