Fusion Body Art Lodie Up Cute Pastel Rainbow Face Painting Palette (6 Cakes/10 gm)

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Fusion Body Art Lodie Up Cute Pastel Rainbow Face Painting Palette, designed by the popular face painting artist Elodie Ternois, Lodie Up is a great face painting kit for creating a variety of multicolored, fun designs quickly with fewer brush strokes. Fusion Body Art Lodie Up Cute Pastel Rainbow Palette contains 6 beautiful pastel color split cakes from Fusion Body Art, 10 gm each, in smaller and shallower containers than regular 30 gm fun stroke cakes sold individually. The beautiful pastel color combinations makes this palette unique.

Lodie Up Cute Pastel Rainbow Palette is ideal for face painting events, Birthday Parties, Halloween, cosplay etc. The bright, pastel color split cakes are perfect for creating unicorns, butterflies, rainbows, cute critters, fairy floss and floral designs. Split Cakes included in this palette are: Lodie Up Sweety Pink, Lodie Up Sweet Dream, Lodie Up Cotton Candy, Lodie Up Ice Cream, Lodie Up Cute Pastel Mint  and Lodie Up Pastel Rainbow.

Lodie Up Cute Pastel Rainbow Palette Case is about 8 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 3/4"
, with each 10 gm cake container measuring approximately  1 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 1/2".

Individual colors in each split cake are 10 gm of following:

Lodie Up Sweet Pink:  Dark Pink, Pastel Magenta, Pastel Pink, Prime White, Prime White
Lodie Up Sweet Dream: Dark Blue Pastel, Dark Pastel Purple, Pastel Purple, Pastel Blue, Pastel Yellow
Lodie Up Cotton Candy: Pastel Magenta, Pastel Pink, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Blue, Prime White
Lodie Up Ice Cream: Pastel brown, Pastel Orange, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Yellow, Prime Pink Sorbet
Lodie Up Cute Pastel Mint: Pastel Dark Green, Pastel Blue Green, Pastel Mint, Pastel Yellow
Lodie Up Pastel Rainbow: Dark Purple, Pastel Blue, Pastel Mint, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Orange, Prime Pink Sorbet

Fusion Body Art Prime Face Paints are bold and vibrant, water activated cake makeup that can be used for creating beautiful designs easily and comfortably. Fusion water based face paints provide opaque coverage that dries quickly to a smudge-resistant finish. Fusion Body Art Colors can be layered once base color is dry. Different colors can be blended when wet to create amazing new shades.

Please note that sometimes, due to varying environmental conditions like temperature and humidity changes, face paint cakes may have cracks on the surface. This does not affect the original performance of the product. Cakes can be activated and used as normal.
How Many Applications Will This Give?
Each 6 Color Fusion Body Art Split Cake Palette is good for 120-300 applications.

Shelf Life: Once opened - 12 months.

How Do I Apply
Recommended: Always start with a clean dry face before face painting.

Step 1: Slightly moisten a paint sponge or a flat or angular brush (1" or 3/4" to pick up all colors) with enough water to activate the paint.

Step 2: Load the sponge or brush by swiping back and forth once on the split cake.

Step 3: Apply to the face in consistent even strokes. 

How Do I Remove

Wash off with mild soap and water loaded on a wash cloth or sponge. Some colors may temporarily stain skin.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or any direct light source.
Calcium Carbonate, Acacia Senegal Gum, Glycerin, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, PEG-32, Water (Aqua), may contain: Iron Oxides (1332-37-2)(CI77491), Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), FD&C Yellow 5 (CI19140), FD&C Red 40 (CI16035), FD&C Blue 1 (CI42090), Ultramarines (CI77007), D&C Red 7(CI15850), Mica (CI77019), Aluminum Powder (CI 77000) Conforms to (EC) No. 1223/2009. FDA and EU Compliant. Made in China.

Fusion Body Art Face Paints are made in China, by Australian based Fusion Body Art. Paints are made of US FDA & EU compliant ingredients, free of paraben, gluten, lanolin or perfume. Fusion Body Art Face Paints are hypoallergenic, vegan friendly and safe for use on skin. Fusion Paints are not tested on animals.

Even though independent tests have proved that they are safe to use on skin, neon paints have not been tested by FDA for cosmetic use and hence they labeled for use as special FX product only and not as cosmetic.

Though very rare, any cosmetic can cause allergic reaction on skin. Hence a patch test is recommended by placing a small amount of makeup on wrist. In case of any reaction within 30 minutes, discontinue use of product. Do not apply on broken skin or sensitive skin.

Please Note: The US FDA recommends against using red, yellow, orange or purple face paints near the eyes and or using blue, green or purple face paints near the lips to avoid possible staining issues. On Neon Face Paints, avoid using around eyes and mouth. Avoid contact with carpets, upholstery and fabric.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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Customer Reviews

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The colors are great wish it was more pigmented

LeeAnne Denny
Nice pigment

I bought this for the pale colors. Though they are pastel, they still look opaque on the skin.

Pamela Vannoy

Used it on my niece as soon as I received it and the colors are so pretty!