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Mini starter kit is a value set with 10% savings than buying your face painting supplies individually!

Mini Starter Kit is a perfect starter kit with face paint palette, one stroke cakes, glitter, stencils, brushes and sponge to get you started with face painting. The kit has the following:

1) Kraze FX 12 Color Fundamentals Palette (12 x 6 gm)
2) Kraze FX Deep Rainbow Dome Stroke (25 gm) - Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Royal Blue & Purple
3) 3/4" flat brush - for painting with one stroke cake
4) Holographic White Glitter - 0.5 oz
5) Tap Face Painting Stencil - Stars
6) Tap Face Painting Stencil - Animal Print
7) #1 Round brush
for line work
8) #4 Round brush for line work
9) Round face paint sponge