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Beginner Face Painting Kit is a value set with 10% savings than buying your face painting supplies individually!

Beginner Face Painting Kit includes everything you need to start your Face Painting. Premium quality face paints and tools at a great price for beginners as well as professionals. The classic starter kit makes a great gift for young artists and has enough paint for atleast 180 applications. The kit has the following:

1) Kraze FX 12 Color Fundamentals Palette (12 x 6 gm) with two 1/16" brushes
2) Kraze FX # 2 Round Face Painting Brush
3) Kraze FX # 5 Round Face Painting Brush
4) Kraze FX High Density Petal Sponge

Kraze FX Fundamentals 12 Color Palette contains 12 essential colors of Kraze FX wax based face paints, perfect for creating colorful face and body designs for adults and children alike. Palette measures 7.5" x 3.5" x 0.5" and includes 12 Colors (White, Black, Red, Coral Pink, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Orange, Light Green, Green, Pastel Blue, Purple) - 6 gm each, and two 1/16" brushes.

Kraze FX Round brushes are high quality brushes ideal for line work, painting inside small areas, outlining and detailing. Kraze Round brushes offer a lot of flexibility to the face painter and can be used to create lines of varying thickness. #2 brush is 3/32 inch wide at the ferrule and #5 brush is 5/32 wide at the ferrule.

Kraze FX High Density Petal Sponges are firm sponges that provide good grip and control while face painting. These high density sponges are soft on skin, yet they hold their shape for repeated uses. Approximately measures 2.16" x 1.25" x 1.18"