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Encore Flesh Alcohol Palette comes with alcohol activated makeup in 10 Neill Gorton FLESH Edition Colors, perfect for creating flesh reproduction makeup. Flesh palette comes with high quality micronized HD pigmented makeup that dries quickly and stays put under extreme conditions withstanding transfer, sweat and water. Flesh Encore Palette is perfect for high performance theatrical horror makeup for vampires, monsters, ghosts, witches, devils, dead flesh, venous blood, aged blood, rotting flesh, pale skin etc.

Neill Gorton Flesh Palette includes the following:
  • 10 Alcohol Activated Makeup Colors: C2, C4, W3, W5, W9, Mauve, Burnt Sienna, Prime Red, Prime Yellow, Charcoal
  • Fully customizable magnetic case with 10 individual colors
  • Built-in white mixing surface
  • Detailed Instructions

Magnetic Platform is great for artists to rearrange and work through colors, which is a great time saver especially during long, detailed FX jobs. Dry, ready to use refills allow easy restocking of colors. Color pans have a low profile border enabling easy access with sponges or wider brushes.

How Do I Apply?
Step 1: Activate using 99% alcohol (not included) or with European Body Art Fuel Activator (Fuel 2 oz or Fuel 1 oz)
Step 2: Apply using a sponge or brush.

How Do I Remove?
Remove using Vapore or Unveil makeup removers from European Body Art.
Encore alcohol activated makeup is made in the USA, using FDA approved ingredients, by European Body Art.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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