Endura Blood Vial - The Blood (Deep Wound) (0.1 lb)

European Body Art

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Endura The Blood (Deep Wound) Blood is a high quality FX product that can be used to create realistic gory effects, especially intensely bleeding wound effects. Its special color formulation gives a red undertone with a slight hint of yellow. Check out all Endura Transfusion Blood shades here.

Endura FX Blood from European Body Art is a unique cellulose based formula that dries fast and is resistant to water. Endura blood provides a natural, wet, glossy finish that is smudge and transfer proof.

Endura Transfusion blood is specially formulated to maintain shape even after drying, hence making it a great choice for special effects such us dripping blood, blood spills and deep wound bleeding. Comes in a 0.1 lb vial.
Endura Blood is made in the USA using FBA compliant ingredients. Endura Blood formula is free of syrup and sorbitol.

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