Diamond FX Build Your Own Face Paint Palettes (6 Colors)

Save 10% On Diamond FX 6 Color 10 gm Build Your Own Palette!

Diamond FX 6 Color Build Your Own Palette lets you create your own palette of 6 colors, 10 grams each - perfect to get you started on a variety of designs. Colors are easily refillable with Diamond FX's 10 gm refill size colors. Each 6 color 10 gram Diamond FX Palette is good for 50-150 applications.

Diamond FX is manufactured according to the EEC and FDA regulations and tested in the Netherlands. Per FDA recommendation, reds and blues (this includes greens and purples) as well as neon colors should not be used around the eye and lip area or left on the skin too long. Avoid contact with carpets, upholstery and fabric.