Design It Water Activated Practice Sheets (Set of 2)

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Design It Water Activated Practice Sheets are a great value for beginning face painters to practice their strokes. Designs can be practiced using just water and brush, without any face paint. Design shows up and fades off as water dries. Works only with water and dries quickly. Great for practicing tear drops, swirls etc. These sheets are handy to practice face painting anywhere without the messiness involved around using face paints. Water Activated Practice Sheets can be reused multiple times. Not recommended for full designs as earlier part of the design might dry and become invisible by the time you complete the full design. Measures about 10 inches by 8 inches. Includes 2 sheets with face designs.

Note: DO NOT get the whole sheet soaked in water. NEVER use paint or any other ink on the practise sheet. Be sure to keep cloth away from grease.
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