Cameleon Build Your Own Face Paint Palettes (6 Colors)

Save 10% on Cameleon Build Your Own 6 Color Palette!

Build Your Own Cameleon Palette (6 Colors/10 gm) lets you choose 6 Cameleon 10 gm face paint colors that we'll ship you with an empty case with insert, just arrange them however you like and you're ready to face paint. Each 6 color 10 gram Cameleon Palette is good for 50-150 applications.

Cameleon Baseline Face Paint cakes are very soft, made using glycerin and paraffin wax based ingredients. This allows for easy application and blending in. Cameleon offers professional quality makeup that stays gentle on skin for longer duration, without any cracking or fading. Cameleon can be activated with very less amount of water than most other brands.

Build Your Own Palettes are already discounted than buying colors and palette individually. Therefore, they are excluded from any of our other promotions.