Breast Cancer Awareness Bling Face Painting Kit

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Quantity In Stock: 0's exclusive Breast Cancer Awareness Bling Kit is a great kit for creating stunning face paint designs for Breast Cancer Awareness events and campaigns.

The kit includes the following accessories to create innovative designs without having to shop around extensively. Also comes at a 10% discounted value than buying the products individually! Global Body Art Fun Stroke Dublin Split Cakes can be used to create multicolored face paint designs quickly and easily with minimum number of brush strokes. Colors included in this split cake are: Magenta, Pink, White. Colors in this split cake are perfect for creating designs for Breast Cancer Support and Awareness events.

Amerikan Body Art Fuchsia Pink Liquid Bling is a perfect glitter gel for adding accents to your face or body painting designs.

Self Adhesive Pink Ribbon Face Blings are plastic, ribbon shaped jewels in assorted sizes, that can be applied on skin or above face paint makeup to add bling effects. Each pack includes 1" x 1 1/4" sized plastic gems, in pink. Comes as approximately 50/pack.

Breast Cancer Awareness Stickers are non toxic and safe to apply on your body. Fits nicely on cheeks. Each pack contains 12 paper stickers, each measuring about 1 1/2".

High quality flexible Mylar Hope Ribbon stencils from Glimmer Body art's Go Couture line, can be used to create intricate tattoos easily as there are no moving pieces. HOPE Ribbon Stencil comes with cosmetic grade adhesive backing that is non irritating on skin.

Glitter Tattoo Body Glue is a water-resistant medical acrylic adhesive, which can be used to apply cosmetic glitter, gems, and prosthetics to skin.

Amerikan Body Art Electric Pink Cosmetic Glitter is a combination of UV Glitter and multi color glitter (Holographic) polyester glitter with a fantastic opaque finish in a bright, blacklight reactive color, ideal for face painting, glitter eyeliner, and glitter tattoos.
Please Note: The US FDA does not recommend the use of red, blue, green or purple colors near the eyes or lips and advise against leaving such colors on the skin for too long. Avoid contact with carpets, upholstery and fabric.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.