Boomerang Stencils Build Your Own Set (Pick 3+ Designs)

Pick any three stencils in this set at a 10% discount than buying three stencils individually!

Boomerang Stencils can be used to easily add fun design patterns such to your face and body designs. Boomerang Stencils are comfortable to hold and rotate anywhere on your face or body, giving you the flexibility to create a range of design combinations.

Made and tested by Art Factory, using 7.5 mil thick mylar, Boomerang Stencils are durable and if stored flat, can be used for many years. Boomerang Stencils are designed to work with face paints using a sponge, brush or airbrush and are easy to clean after use.

Stencil is approximately 4.5" to 2.5 " wide on the thickest area of the boomerang shape.