Bling Cluster Build Your Own Set (Pick 3 Or More)

Pick any three or more choices in this set at a 10% discount than buying the colors individually! Discount will be applied to price shown below once the product is added to the bundle. Once you have added the bundle to cart, you can always click on the bundle in the cart, to edit it and change.

Bling Clusters are the best new accessory for faint painters, adding a dazzling special touch to your face paint designs! Bling clusters are handmade with an assortment of craft gems, pearls and dimensional fabric paint. The unique jewel designs can be used to enhance countless face paint looks as a centrepiece or as an accent. Bling Clusters are a great way to create stunning designs quickly and easily, even at high volume events! They are ideal for face painting at parties, carnivals, festivals and more.

All clusters have a flat backing that adheres to skin easily.