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Blazin Brushes, handcrafted by world famous artist - Marcela Bustamante, come with signature purple handles and durable, taklon bristles, designed to give perfect, smooth strokes. This Blazin Brush Collection includes two 1/8" round brushes (round #3 and ultra point #4), one 3/4" flat brush and one flora flat #6 (3/8") brush to have your face painting needs covered. Each brush is also available for purchase individually.

Round Brushes are great for painting twirls, swirls, teardrops, flowers, outlines or for detailed line work.

Flat Brushes are perfect for contouring, blending, shadowing or covering large areas with paint. Blazin Flat Brushes are great for painting one stroke designs with split cakes.

Flora Flat Brush is great for painting flower petals which are flat with pointed ends or tips.

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Wet your brush and wipe at the edge of the container.

Rub on face paint cake to reach a creamy consistency.

Apply paint to body.

After use, be sure to clean and dry brushes completely. Store upright so that bristles do not bend or flatten.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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Amy Johnson

I used them yesterday and they worked fantastically!

Oralia Rojas

Great overall got my order super fast