Ben Nye Ultimate FX Creme Color Palette (18 colors)

Ben Nye

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Ben Nye Ultimate FX Creme Color Palette is a professional grade SFX makeup palette featuring lightly textured, highly pigmented 18 versatile FX shades of creme makeup, great for creating long lasting, realistic special fx designs like coloring prosthetics, burns, black eyes, bruises, scratches and other injury effects. A favorite of Hollywood makeup artists and a indispensable SFX palette for Filthy Horror Glamour Queens!

Ben Nye Ultimate FX Creme Color Palette includes the following colors: White FX-1, Chrome Yellow FX-12, Goldenrod FX-121, Sallow Green FX-11, Dark Sunburn CL-10, Capillary Stipple FX-13, Fire Red FX-31, Fresh Cut FX-34, Bruise FX-2, Dried Blood FX-32, Dark Burgundy FX-5, Dark Crimson FX-35, Vein FX-91, Sapphire Blue FX-10, Purple FX-6, Black & Blue FX-72, Grey Purple FX-9 & Black FX-8.

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