Ben Nye Nose & Scar Molding Wax (Brown)

Ben Nye

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Ben Nye Brown Nose and Scar Molding Wax is pliable yet firm wax, great for creating different special effects for stage and theater makeup, ranging from a broken nose, witch's chin to bullet holes.
How Many Applications Does This Give?
Each 1 ounce Ben Nye Nose and Scar Molding Wax will give about 4-25 applications depending on each usage.
Each 2.5 ounces Ben Nye Nose and Scar Molding Wax container will give 10 - 60 applications, depending on if you're making warts or large scars.

How Do I Apply & Remove Makeup?
Use Spirit Gum beneath Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax for better adhesion, and Liquid Latex to seal the final look.

Remove with soap and water.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.