Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Colour Makeup - Turquoise (LCR-11)

Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Colour Makeup - Turquoise (LCR-11)

Ben Nye

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Ben Nye Lumiere Turquoise Creme Color offers the same radiant shimmer color of Lumiere in a creme base. Lumiere Cremes have a rich texture that is silk smooth and intensely pigmented for easy application of face paint and fantasy designs. Note that this is a creme based makeup, not powder, so it does not get used with water and needs to be set with powder (setting powder or Lumiere Luxe Powders work well) and removed with makeup remover. 0.3 ounce container.

How Many Faces Will This Paint?
Each 0.3 ounce Ben Nye Turquoise Creme Makeup Container gives 20-80 applications.

Shelf Life: Recommended within 12 months after opening.

More Information on Ben Nye Face Paint:
Types of Face PaintHow Do I Apply & Remove Ben Nye Face Paint?
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