Ben Nye Aqua Glitter - Gold AG-1 (1 oz)

Ben Nye Aqua Glitter - Gold AG-1 (1 oz)

Ben Nye

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Ben Nye Gold Aqua Glitter lets you add dazzling sparkly details to your face paint design. Just shake and apply to clean skin or over dried makeup. Aqua Glitter dries in a few moments to a flake resistant finish. You can also use Ben Nye Aqua Glitter as temporary highlights for the hair. The 1 ounce bottle of Aqua Glitter includes an applicator brush.

How Many Applications Will The Glitter Give?
Each 1 ounce Ben Nye Gold Aqua Glitter container gives about 20 - 60 applications.

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Types of GlitterHow do I Apply & Remove Ben Nye Glitter?
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