Bad Ass Mini Stencils Full Set (BAMS 1000 - 1045)

Bad Ass Mini Stencils Full Set (BAMS 1000 - 1045)

Bad Ass Stencils

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Bad Ass Mini Stencils Full Set provides a great assortment of design options to the face or body paint artist. This set contains all 45 original Bad Ass stencil designs. Bad Ass Mini Stencils are oval shaped, with a hole in the end for easy storage on a chain (chain included).

Each stencil measures 5" x 3.5" (outer dimension). Includes stencil #s: BAMS 1001-1045.

The Bad Ass line of stencils, launched by famous body paint artist - Andrea O'Donnell, are high quality, flexible, fun stencils that take body painting to the next level. These high grade mylar stencils are thin and work great for adding details to your designs. Bad Ass Stencils can be used anywhere on the body and can be cleaned easily after each application. They are manufactured using special laser cut technology on 7.5 mil durable Mylar and can be reused several times with proper care.

Bad Ass Stencils work great for brush, sponge or airbrush application.

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