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Bad Ass Stencils Build Your Own Set (Pick 3 Styles)

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Bad Ass Hot Wingz stencils are specially designed in a unique wing shape, and fit perfectly around the eye area. Each stencil can be applied directly over the eyelid to create a beautiful accent around the eye.

Butterfly - HOTWING8010 stencil sheet includes an assortment of eyeshadow designs, fun templates, decorative edges and intricate textures. Hot Wingz Stencils can be used individually or mixed and matched for dozens of eye, face or body designs. Each stencil measures about 7.5" x 3".

The Bad Ass line of stencils, launched by famous body paint artist - Andrea O'Donnell, are high quality, flexible, fun stencils that take body painting to the next level. These high grade mylar stencils are thin and work great for adding details to your designs. Bad Ass Stencils can be used anywhere on the body and can be cleaned easily after each application. They are manufactured using special laser cut technology on 7.5 mil durable Mylar and can be reused several times with proper care.

Bad Ass Stencils work great for brush, sponge or airbrush application.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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orchid cavett
A bit too big for kids and most adults faces.

I am trying to figure out how to use this. Too big for kids faces and for most adults I would think. I didn't realize how really big it is by the picture. I haven't used the stencil yet. I wish it were smaller. Beautiful design though!